Meet Rick Parachini

Meet Rick Parachini


Rick Parachini

Invitingly simple, calmingly serene, Rick Parachini's artwork takes the viewer out of the chaos of normal life and into a place of harmony and tranquility.


Summoning a palatte of nature's azure blues, moss greens, saffron golds and muted sepia tones, Parachini sets his pastoral scenes against striated skies, billowing cloud formations, desolate snowbound roads and sunny farmlands.


Being raised amid the splendor of the Colorado landscape spurred Rick's interest in art at an early age. A painter of moods, his richly contrasted work reflects an experience in the use of light and shadow which communicate a myriad of feelings.


In addition to his unblemished, seasonal vistas, Parachini is equally masterful at bringing to life the richly-textured stucco and adobe villas of the southwest and the weathered wood farm structures that inhabit the heartland.


A full-time painter with numerous one-person and group shows to his credit, Rick has garnered an impressive array of awards, been an artist in The Artist's Magazine and has been represented by a number galleries throughout the country. Some of the prestigious galleries include Houshang Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Pantalyant in New Hope, Pennsylvannia Kismet Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Elk Horn Art Gallery in Winter Park, Colorado.


You can call Rick directly at (970)-867-4396 or fill out the form on this page.


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